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I use 3 times a day for 10 mins u have to break it up I've had it over a week and the difference is amazing I've had pf in both feet for 7 years and for the first time I don't need to tape at night. Still on painkillers but taking less each day it says six weeks for proper effect to come in so fingers crossed I'll improve from here x

Chrissie Corbishley (Facebook)

I was slightly sceptical when the unit arrived, I have been suffering with my heel for over six months and been to the doctors on three occasions and couldn't see how this was going to work. However, just one week of use and I am 99.9% pain free! Amazing little device, thank you.

Steve Evans, St Saviour, Guernsey

This device is a godsend. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it does relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis for a few hours. I have been suffering since July 2015 and nothing has worked so far until I discovered your website. Worth its weight in gold.

Kieron Dorey, Banbury

I recently purchased heelease and I can't believe how quickly it's worked. I rarely write a review for anything but felt I had to in this case. Best thing on the market. Absolutely brilliant. I have very little pain now and walking is much less painful. Thank you for an amazing product.

Maxine Frank, Stanwell

I can definitely report an improvement, with short periods that are virtually pain free. I'm hoping with time the pain free periods will increase and perhaps the condition may heal.

Martina Naversnik, London

I find this really helpful and it definitely eases the pain, very pleased and well worth the money.

Catherine Browne, Chichester

The heelease is very good. I have suffered for 16 years so I think it will be a slow process in my case but am very pleased with the pain relief so far.

Leanora Walker, Leeds

I've suffered with what was diagnosed with a severe plantar fasciitis for approx. 4 years, steroid injections give temporary relief, also tried dextrose injection, which aggravated the condition.
I have been using the heelease as directed 3 x daily since purchase and I now believe that after just a couple of weeks that there is some relief, not a cure but there were never any claims to cure, but there is a definate improvement. I would be more than happy to recommend this product to any long standing suffers.

Sandra Reid, Bradford

Overall the device is good, it does relieve pain and seems to reduce the symptoms over a few days.

Lisa Johnson, St Austell

I had pain in the sole of my foot and around the heel for a few months and nothing seemed to help. I tried Heelease as a last resort and after using it as directed for four weeks the pain has gone and I can now walk around as usual. Nothing short of a miracle.

Pauline and John Davey, South Croydon

I am finding that my new Heelease device is definitely helping my plantar fasciitis discomfort.

Clive Maybanks, Chichester

I have used for three lots of ten minutes and have been able to walk barefoot pain free for the first time in weeks. Fantastic

Kate Jay, London

I found that the Heelease device worked very well and I have no doubt that it has helped treat my plantar fasciitis.

Carole Hearnden, Dorking

I have been using Heelease for about a month, twice daily. Purchased for treatment of Planter Faciitius, it has been very successful. I still get some pain but much less than before. I have recommended it to my friend who also has the condition.

Sally Smith, Alcester

I am happy to inform you, that so far the Heelease is quite successful. It has relieved quite a lot of the pain. I am still using the Heelease 3 times a day, as I still feel the pain occasionally but not as severe. Overall I feel it worked quite well

Kathleen Walker, Cyprus

I am delighted with the "Heelease" I recently purchased. I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for about 6 months and have not really felt any benefit from doing the recommended exercises and taking the prescribed anti inflammatories. I had a cortisone injection in January which certainly took the pain away but left me with a constant ache and discomfort. I came across "Heelease" whilst browsing the internet and thought it sounded good and would give it ago. I have now used it for about three weeks - 3 times a day for 10 minutes and am now beginning to feel some relief. I would certainly recommend using it - it doesn't cost much and most certainly is not painful - its a little bit like a vibrating tooth brush! I showed it to my podiatrist this week and he was impressed with it and recommended continuing to use it if I felt it was helping.

Jeanette Payne, Leeds

I've used the Heelease consistently since I got it and it has certainly helped with the pain in both the short and long term. I have recommended it to others. I'm expecting it to help with maintaining good foot health and preventing a recurrence of problems, and will continue to use it once my PF has been cured, as I am a rambler who enjoys long walks.

Imelda McConnell, Belfast

I've found that my heel ease had certainly relieved the pain of plantar fasciitis and I would definitely recommend it

Janet Wright, Morcambe

Having Used This little device for about three weeks now it has helped relieve the initial feeling when getting up and placing weight on my heel of akin to walking on broken glass. I still have pain in my heel but it has started to ease off very slowly but found that if I miss a day without using the Heelease it is noticeable again.

Trevor Scard-Jones, Wrexham

Prompt delivery, best product I've found does give relief from pain for a few hours.

John Maynard, Northampton

Very pleased with heelease.I have had plantar fasciitis for almost 2 years which I have managed with insoles and acupuncture.
However I recently tore the plantar at insertion to the heel and the pain made me look for other treatments
Heelease has relieved my pain -I have used it 3 times a day -so hopefully will be helping with healing also..would recommend to anyone
Many thanks

Ellen Kelly, Grantham

Hi, it is brilliant! I am not pain free but the pain has been greatly reduced and I am now mobile again :) I highly recommend this product, it should be prescribed by doctors. Thank you.

Debbie Simpson, Lincoln

I found it quite good, but it ran out of batter after just 5/6 uses which was a bit disappointing as I brought it to go away with and didn't have any spares so was unused for most of the holiday.

Elin Freeman, Hemel Hempstead

Hi Oliver, I am a ballroom dance teacher so I am on my feet for quite a while with lots of foot pressure onto a floor, I suffer immensely with heel pain especially first thing in the morning. Using the heel easy first thing in the morning and last thing at night has helped with the pain reducing it significantly. The stimulation and relief it give to the underside of my foot is first rate, what a difference, first class product. Many many thanks.

John Hall, Gloucester

Hello I'm surprised and very happy to report that heelease has made a massive difference to the pain I was experiencing in my foot. I've told many people how using this small device has helped so much
Thank you it's truly amazing

Sue Evans, Bouremouth

I started to suffer from plantar fascitis in my left foot over two years ago. A year later it was affecting both feet. I have tried everything: podiatry with expensive orthotics, physio therapy, injections, night-splints, ice and I have rolled more tennis balls than needed for Wimbledon! Whilst receiving a sympathetic response from the medical profession, I have felt that there is a lack of recognition of just how debilitating and life-changing this condition can be. I have had to give up all exercise bar swimming and on some days housework has been near-impossible. Cutting to the chase - my 'Heelease', with immediate results, has brought more relief than anything I have tried, literally getting me back on my feet. Though not fully cured as yet, I could never have anticipated such an outcome - thank you.

Helen Leach, Dronfield

Fantastic. Really helped. My son now back playing football.

Gemma Cawood, Preston

I'm very pleased with the Heelease. It offers temporary relief to my plantar fasciitis. If I could find a permanent relief to the pain then that would be fantastic. I would recommend it to others that suffer from painful feet conditions

Melanie Free, Thatcham

My wife feels that her heel ease has helped her quite a lot, since using it she does have so much pain. Yes it has helped.

John Martel, Guernsey

So far it is easing the pain I feel by the next day. I will let you know how effective it is after a few weeks use.

David Bayly, Dorchester

I have found the heel ease very helpful in relieving my plantar fasciitis.

Marie Cast, Ashtead

The machine helps with the pain and, with the recommended exercises, there are signs of improvement in the plantar fasciitis.

Gordon Bradley, Tenby

Thanks for contacting me regarding the Heelease device. I use it intermittently when I have more aches in the heels and it works well.
I have large, size 13 feet and sometimes it is difficult to affix the device to my foot with the active part of the device in the desired place; i.e. I can run out of velcro/strap if I want to place it at the very rear of the heel. Other than that, it works well.

Mark Pickstone, Rishworth

Good afternoon,

Much to my surprise your device did make an improvement by reducing pain levels. Whether it speeded up healing I cannot say but for sure the healing process improved after four months of pain and little progress.

Paul Welburn, Goole

I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for months and after using my Heelease three times a day for a few weeks I have finally some pain relief.
Thank you.

Jo Blake, Manchester

It certainly is assisting with alleviating the pain when sore. Service was prompt as was delivery.

Michael Fox, Australia

I've had trouble with my feet for over three years first with metartaraligea and then with PF. I've tried everythign, boots, injections etc. but nothing has helped as well as Heelease.

Thanks to all who invented this miracle product.

Sandra Malloy, Glasgow


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