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Plantar fasciitis treatments


Anti-inflammatory drugs - Only temporary relief

Anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen are commonly used to ease pain in plantar fasciitis. Drug use in general should be avoided where possible and can carry with it its own side effects and complications.

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Bracing and strapping - Ineffective

Usually used at night to keep the achillies tendon from tightening and stretch the plantar fascia these are uncomfortable and difficult to sleep with.

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Steroid injections - Painful with side-effects

A painful and short term solution, steroid injections show no long term benefits and carry side effects such as fat atrophy and depigmentation around the injection site.

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Physical Therapy - Expensive and slow

Worth trying exercises but not a full solution. Treatment is also expensive and lengthy when given by a physiotherapist.


ESWT shockwave machines - Effective in many cases but expensive

Recommended as a treatment by NICE but needing a hospital visit for a treatment. Usually only for private patients at upwards of £300 per session.

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Surgical Intervention - High risk, expensive and painful

Painful with a risk of complications and expensive, surgery should only be considered as a last resort. Surgery involves stripping the tendon and burning holes to stimulate inflammation and healing.

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Heelease - Quick, painless & inexpensive

Heelease is the only portable device available for plantar fasciitis which can be used at home or at work in a safe and side-effect free way.

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plantar fasciitis guide

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