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Boxed unit
Heelease device, standard version
1 mode, single frequency
Includes instructions, 2 x AAA batteries, a variable length velcro strap for easy fitting to the foot or heel. Designed to reduce your pain within 4 to 6 weeks.
charger pack
Battery Charger
Use rechargeable batteries for long term savings
Keep fully charged and ready at all times. Charges both AA and AAA sized batteries over a few hours. Comes with 4 high capacity AAA batteries.

Pauline and John Davey, South Croydon

I had pain in the sole of my foot and around the heel for a few months and nothing seemed to help. I tried Heelease as a last resort and after using it as directed for four weeks the pain has gone and I can now walk around as usual. Nothing short of a miracle.


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Total £35.40
Pain in both feet?
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