Please note Heelease has now been discontinued in favour of Plantarcure, the latest rechargeable version of the device. Visit to purchase.

Using your Heelease device


Step 1 - Insert one of the supplied batteries and replace the battery cap

Screw the battery cap on firmly. Pressing the on/off button should activate the device.

foot with heelease

Step 2 - Secure the unit onto the end of the velcro strap

Slide the velcro strap through the device and loop it back on itself. Slide your foot into the loop.

heelease device

Step 3 - Wrap the strap around the foot

The vibration nozzle should sit at the base of the heel directly on the point of the pain. Secure the unit with the velcro side of the strap. Raise the foot and rest during the treatment.

freedom to move

The Heelease unit activates on the press of a button and provides pulses direct to the source of the pain. Treatment is painless and side effect free.

It is important to continue the treatment on a daily basis for up to six weeks for the best results. Most users experience significant benefit within two to three weeks of starting treatment, sometimes immediately.

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