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Ann Williams: Highly recommended
Jan Simpson: 2 years after my Plantar Fachittis op, I still use mine as a maintenance support once in a while. Brilliant.
Alison Gibbons: Lisa Sumner if the injection doesn’t work (it didn’t for mine) get one of these. I’ve suffered for 7 years & this has completely cured mine
Rose Jones: Omg this works...i have been using them and i can walk again now
Melanie Smith: Amazing product cleared mine after 5 years of suffering and had tried everything
Ivan Mostyn-Scott: Highly recommended
Rose Jones: I would deffo recommend this gizmo
Ivan Mostyn-Scott: Always had problems with ankle after a bad sprain in my teens culminating in Achilles tear. My Heelease was amazing in those early days of recovery and I still use it for pain relief which is now quite rare.
Helen Anderson: This little beauty as made my life so much better
Georgina Maria Mann: I bought this as had suffered with a heel problem after being on my feet all day at work. Best thing I ever bought as it has helped my foot and has now cleared up and been better for 12 months and wear sketchers now
Alison Gibbons: Agreed, love this gadget. Can finally start exercising properly again
Carol Finnis: Helped mine as well !
Ivan Mostyn-Scott: Always had problems with ankle after a bad sprain in my teens culminating in Achilles tear. My Heelease was amazing in those early days of recovery and I still use it for pain relief which is now quite rare.
Dora-May Cousins Barry: Best thing ever . My pain is so much better.
Barbie Williams: Denise Owen this worked for me! Xx
Eric Moffatt: Bought it and was little sceptical but after a couple of weeks the pain had gone as quick as it came on initially. So for the price of 1 decent physio session it paid for itself. It worked for me & has helped my wife's heel also.
Aileen Mcphee: Feel so better has relived pain wish got the batter charger with it only been using it week have tried exercise that phiso gave me hasnt made much diffrence
Julie Patricia Walker: Can’t believe this actually works. Reliving painful policeman’s heal. It’s really worth every penny.
Carmen Rojas Matas: Es una absoluta maravilla! Superada totalmente la fascitis plantar y la tendinitis del tibial posterior, funciona para la epicondilitis o cualquier otra tendinitis incluso elimina los dolores articulares por cansancio y tensión !
Joanne Clare Hancock: Thanks for posting this. I’m in pain again, forgot I had this amazing machine in the drawer. Know what I’ll be doing tonight
Kim Allsebrook: I agree it really does work, I've not had to use mine for 3 months. It's a life saver
Carolyne Charles: An amazing product I’ve suffered with Plantar Fasciitis since the beginning of February with a really painful heel, nothing I tried had worked
Marian Parkinson: Yes I think it will be good for you . I find this device amazing and worth you giving it a try .
Martin Thwaites: I've been using the multi mode version for a few weeks now and I thought it wasn't working so well, however I stuck with it and I am now feeling the benefits. Once I found the setting that suited me I am almost pain free when I'm using it.. Wonderful machine, definitely recommend it.
Caroline Clark: My hubby got this n believe me he suffered severely with pain, got this n from first use he said it was working( still limping due to different issues), he said if he uses it three times daily it will reduce the pain down immensely, think it's certainly worth investing in
Maureen O'Callaghan: This is a fab fix for Plantar Fasciitis Works wonders only costs less than 40 Euro.
Graham Mousley: I don’t normally post comments but after having plantar in my feet for a year I ordered a heel ease and after 3 weeks I was walking about with no pain I think it is brill
Ivan Mostyn-Scott: Yes I agree. I use mine for 10 mins two or thee times a day. Such a simple, brilliant and portable device.
Stacey Line: Positive review from my husband who could hardly walk in the mornings because his heel pain was so bad, and he was considerably better after three days of wearing it three times a day on each heel.
John Bell: I don’t normally post or comment on forums etc. but feel the need to here. If you have plantar fasciitis and are in doubt, doubt no longer - this wee device works (and they have the academic papers to back it up). A no brainier given the cost (compare to what a physio would charge for a single shockwave therapy session). Good luck, I know how frustrating plantar can be.
Aissatou Kone: Got mine yesterday first time in months I had a pain free night hope it will help me for a long time
Peter J Elstob: It's cured me. Might think thats an over statement,,,,, but it has. Bliss.
Jo Frances: I had plantar fasciitis for 16 months, I’ve seen 4 podiatrists, a muscular skeletal Dr, I’ve done all the exercises, had cortisone injections, heel cups, bespoke orthotics, podiatry foam, ugly shoes, everything I could think of or was recommended, but nothing gave any proper relief. Out of utter desperation I bought a heelease and pretty much it started giving me relief from the pain within a couple of days. I use it 3 or 4 times a day for 10 mins and find it especially effective if I use it bef..
Malcolm Whittle: I had pain for a couple of months, I bought one of these and a week later after 20 mins a day, foot fixed.
Andrea Rhodes: I'm using mine as I read this and all I can say is this little machine has been the best thing I've spent money on only been using it for less than two weeks and the relief it has given me is unbelievable I would recommend it to anyone thank you heelease your a saviour
Ivan Mostyn-Scott: Excellent review. I'm very pleased with mine too. Only this morning my heel was playing up a bit before a run so 10 mins with my Heelease and I was good to go.
Christine Murray: Worked for me too like a miracle seriously
Mary Cottington: Yes Heelease Definately worked wonders for me earlier this year Money Well Spent
Georgina Maria Mann: I bought one 2 weeks ago and was a bit sceptical but it actually works my foot was so bad and now I'm finding I'm not in as much pain and I can walk further without being in as much pain
Julie Grafham: I have been very impressed with this device. I last had plantar faschitis 10 years ago, and had physio and acupuncture, which did help it then. No issues until 4 months ago, when it came back. Searched on Google to see what treatments were recommended, and tried ice pack, and stretching, but that didn’t do much.
Salvadors Viktors: Absolutely amazing think!!!! Two weeks and I'm running again.
Shona McCrimmon: I've been using this device for a week and all I can say is device is fantastic, I was in so much pain with plantar fasciitis and heel pain , couldn't walk far and always in pain when I've sat then got up to walk hobbling all the time, well worth the £37 pounds, would recommend it to all that is unsure of buying this , thank you heelease
Tracy Young: I have plantar fascitis. .have had physio and podiatry for a year. .Have got to the point that they said steroid injections in both get! !!!bought this to try. .If in doubt. .Get one. .After 2 days following instructions I can get out of bed and not hobble. ..and now one week on my feet feel so much better.'s worth a go. ..x
Claire Gates: i definitely felt some relief after the first 10 minutes. You can try mine x
Andrea Flevill: Ok, posted a week ago with PF in my Achilles' tendon, have used as directed 3 times a day and have to say have had a huge improvement..! I highly recommend this product over anything else! ( although I have got the socks, night sock, ice and Naproxen) and all together they have made a massive improvement.. good luck for anyone else hobbling to the loo 1st thing in the morning x
Julie Leask: I bought this for my dad who has suffered with severe plantar fasciitis for over 5 years. He had to give up his job as a fishermen as he could no longer stand on his feet and he is only 58. He has spent thousands over the years on a variety of different things to help - insoles, shoes, circulation machine, appointment after appointment and nothing has worked. He has gained weight and had become almost house bound until this product popped up on my feed - I thought why not, it's only £37. It has ..
Stuart Duff: In desperation and with chronic pain which I have suffered with most days for several years, (especially first thing in the morning and as the day went on) , I searched the net and found this device. The pain was really bad, I could hardly walk and in absolute agony, I decided to order one. As an engineer to trade I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I opened up the box on arrival and after the first use, but I persevered and I must say I am absolutely amazed just how quickly this device has ..
Pat Connell: I bought a Heelease hopeful of some relief from the pain in my heel, I can honestly say that it worked so I recommend the use of this 100%.

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